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For Package and Pricing Information, please contact .

Sharon Harder

250 -301-6168

Email: slharder1961@gmail.com


Answers to commonly asked questions…


What types of photos do you take?

I specialize in child photography from 3 months to 3 years. I also do family photography, pets (with an emphasis on puppies!), maternity, newborn, weddings, and other events. I typically do outdoor photography, as I prefer natural, light images.


What is your rate?

That depends on what type of photoshoot you would like! Let me know what type of session you’re looking to do, and how many people will be photographed. The starting rate for photoshoots of up to four people is typically $100 (taxes included).  Newborn photoshoots tend to take longer and are more involved, so they are typically more than family sessions(not much more). For all sessions, I will travel to where is convenient for you!


How do we inquire about or set up a photo session?

Click http://imagesbysharon.shutterforge.com to send a message to Sharon on her contact form on the homepage, or email her at slharder1961@gmail.com


What will I receive? 

You will receive high quality edited digital images that will be sent to you online using http://imagesbysharon.shutterforge.com . For children, newborn, maternity, or family sessions, you will typically receive between 20-30 images, in both colour and black & white.


How long will the photoshoot take?

A photoshoot of up to four people typically takes up to 1 1/2 hours depending what you the client is wanting. Newborn photoshoots tend to be a little longer, with set changes and a baby that gets hungry during the shoot. .


Where should we do the photoshoot?

Sessions are typically done outdoors using natural lighting. There are lots of great locations in Prince George .

Here are a few ideas:


CottonWood Island Park

Ferguson Lake

Connaught Hill Park

Lheidli T'enneh Memorial Park (formerly Fort George Park)

Forests for the World

Railway Museum

Or if you’d rather, we can always do the session at a location near you, or even in your backyard or house if it is well lit and fairly open smiley Newborn photoshoots tend to be done in the comfort of your home or if you are comfortable they can be done in my home as well. If it is in the summer and warm also any where out doors is fun too .


What clothes should I wear?

Try to avoid anything too flashy or bold name brands, as they tend to be distracting. It’s nice if everyone is somewhat coordinated, but it’s not necessary. Light colours (ex. white top and dark jeans, or summer dresses) look good. If anyone chooses to wear a dark top just watch out for any sort of fleece-like material, or anything that gets a bit pilly, as it is likely to show up in photos. Again, you don’t have to wear anything specific, and most important, wear what you feel good in!

You may want to pack some outfit changes, a drink, and toys or stuffed animals for your child. If possible, try to make sure your little one has been fed and had a nap before the photo session so he or she is feeling good. Also bring fruit snacks...or candy as it is a great bribe for little ones.smiley


When will I receive my photos?

It typically takes between 3 and 5 weeks to receive your images, depending on demand and the type of photo shoot (weddings can take a bit longer).


How do I get the photos?

Make sure to give me your email address so I can send you the photos online using  http://imagesbysharon.shutterforge.com . I will send you the link and a pass word for your gallery but don’t worry, it’s very easy to set up, just follow the link I send you.

Make sure to download your images! You can either right click on the folder and click download all, or you can download each image individually. If you have any issues just ask! Note: The photos you see on the web page may not look as clear because the website compresses the images for faster viewing. They will likely look sharper once downloaded.


Anything else?

Send Sharon  an email on her contact form on the web page, or at slharder1961@gmail.com, . She’d love to hear from you!